GEMONT management has adopted the following principles as company policy in all fields of work:

To conform to all legal requirements, client demands and expectations,

To increase the customer satisfaction level that has been established by the quality of products and services,

To reach quality, health and safety goals, to use the resources in the most efficient way possible, and to take the necessary precautions to ensure the protection of environment and safety,

To increase product quality and job safety through centralized repair and calibration of the cranes and other equipment within the company,

To increase product quality and safety through working with permanent expert and qualified work force,

To reduce risks and provide a healthy and safe work environment by considering all employees the most important value, and to prevent accidents and job related illnesses by taking necessary precautions,

To revise and continuously improve the efficiency of the Quality, Health and Safety Management System

To ensure that GEMONT employees and those who work for GEMONT abide by the requirements of Quality, Health and Safety Management And Environment,

To be the Clients' SOLUTION PARTNER by sharing their goals

Chairman and CEO